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Scoop Newsagent is a news intelligence service designed to help you keep up to date with the news you need to know. Newsagent has a range of services available for individuals and organisations from free email alerts to professional monitoring with real-time email delivery. Newsagent also delivers more customised services and tailored News Feeds to media, websites, intranets in a variety of formats.

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Newsagent gives you instant access to the Scoop content that is most relevant to you or your organisation by filtering and delivering it directly to your email inbox within minutes of it being published. This serves as an invaluable tool for all Media as well as individuals within a wide range organisations and Government departments in New Zealand.

Scoop is NZ's largest independent news resource - respected widely in media, political, business and academic circles for being the place on the internet for publishing "what was really said", and for the quality of its analysis of issues. The site attracts a highly-valued professional audience, but also a discerning general readership seeking an alternative to other major news media.