Newsagent Products and Services


Newsagent provides solutions for a range of monitoring needs. Take a look at our services, and if you would like more information or would just like to talk to someone about your needs please feel free to email the Newsagent team on


Newsagent has different account types with features specifically designed to help a wide range of monitoring requirements; e.g. communications professionals, CEO's, analysts, information managers, business professionals...

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Up to the minute content from Scoop that is filtered specifically for your site gives your readers relevant news that adds value for your audience as well as your site. Newsagent can provide a range of options that give you the news when it counts.

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Scoop Alerts provide a heads up on news you need to know about and arrive in your inbox just after they are published on a range of topics. Newsagent provides a range of options so that you can receive the alerts relevant for you.

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With email overload being sometimes more problematic than not receiving the latest industry news we have a new range of services to help take some of the load off.

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