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Managing Newsagent Emails

Your Newsagent emails wIll be delivered from we recommend setting up an email filter to a folder other than your inbox for ease of use; also some users may need to adjust spam settings to allow messages from this address.

Pausing Newsagent Emails

If you are going away on holiday and need to pause your Newsagent emails you can do this by simply pressing the Toggle button on the main Newsagent Home page.

'Active' means you will receive Newsagent emails based on your saved settings; and 'On Vacation' means no Newsagent emails will be sent until you change this setting back to Active (Note: The Vacation Setting does not extend Newsagent Subscriptions).

Contextual Keyword Filter Tips

Using a Single word: This will deliver ALL articles with this word appearing in the text. EG: The word - university - will draw in "though he never went to university" and also "Auckland University changes education policy on" - this can potentially create vast amounts of articles if it is a common word.

Using Multiple words: This will deliver articles which ONLY contain ALL WORDS in a given search window. EG: Entering - policy university education - will select only "Auckland University changes education policy on".

Phrase Searching: Using quotation marks, create specific phrases or names. EG: "University of Auckland" or "education policy". The "Phrase" MUST APPEAR IN FULL in the article to pass through your filter.

Combinations: You may use combinations of "Phrases" and Keywords in search windows. The "Phrase(s)" - in full - and Keyword(s) must ALL APPEAR IN an article to pass through your filter.

Filter Limit: Each Filter has a 50 character limit

Auto Complete/Stemming: Newsagent uses stemming for keywords that are not in double quotes. will be auto-completed e.g. - Context - will also yield results for `Contextual' and `Contextually'. Or - Roading - will yield results that include 'Road', 'Roads' and 'Roading'. If you do not wish for this to happen ensure your keyword has double quotes e.g. "Roading". This will not match results with the word 'road'.

Changing emails HTML/Plain Text settings

Newsagent sends Emails in HTML and Plain Text combined format. This means that you can adjust the way you view Newsletters with your email inbox settings the same way you prefer to view the rest of your emails.