With email overload being sometimes more problematic than not receiving the latest industry news we have a new range of services to help take some of the load off.

Free Daily Newsletters

Newsagent Home offers subscribers daily Newsletters with the latest news from a range of topics, from the most popular 'Daily Business' and 'Daily Politics' newsletters to our regular 'Art and Culture', 'Markets Update', 'Sci-Tech' and 'World News' Newsletters. Newsagent also offers 'NZ Elections' and 'NZ Budget' Newsletters which are only sent during Election and Budget Periods respectively. These are all available free for personal use subscriptions thanks to our sponsors.

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Custom Newsletters

If you would like to create your own customised newsletter for yourself or your team Newsagent now offers this service.

Newsagent Mediapass is a media monitoring service that gives you a customised news report based on your keyword/s on specific companies, organisations, public figures, politicians or current affairs, sector specific or issue specific news - by tracking the news through Scoop from over 10,000 sources it sends you only the news that's relevant for you - based on your keywords, the news arrives in a convenient single daily email (or weekly) to you.

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Advanced Keyword Tracking

The custom newsletters use an interface that harnesses the computing power of Scoop's information systems using SOLr but is easy to use without any special training. This interface (aka: Advanced Keyword Tracking) has been developed inhouse as a custom solution that allows Newsagent subscribers to create and test complex media monitoring patterns without special knowledge or training; classically this kind of monitoring has been reserved for only trained specialists.

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